Artist STatement

Water is a necessary force on our planet. For animals, plants, and humans -- we all rely on water to help sustain our lives. We are drawn to the water: ancient civilizations settled by bodies of water. The first civilization was by the Tigris & Euphrates Rivers. Rome had the Tiber and the Egyptians had the Nile. We settle by the water, which is constantly in motion. I find that when I feel as if I am drowning in work or emotion... I am drawn to the water. The water helps me breathe and allows me to find solace and tranquility within myself and our ever evolving world. The fluidity of water, the reflections, and the movement of it all inspire me in the pieces I create.


Solo Shows:

Sept 2017 - Existentialism + Environmentalism - Peekskill Clay Studios Peekskill, NY

Group Shows:

Nov 2018 - Staff Art Exhibition, Fox Lane High School, Bedford, NY

Feb - March 2018 - Women by Women - Blue Door Art Center, Yonkers, NY
Oct 2017 - Pancakes & Booze Art Show- M1-5 Lounge, NY, NY
July - Oct 2017 - Artists Showcase- Red Pipe Cafe, Forrest Hills, NY
May 2016 - Yonkers Arts Weekend. Yonkers, NY
May 2012 - Young Artists Exhibition - Katonah Museum of Art Katonah, NY
May 2012 - High School Student Art Show. -  Jacob Burns Theatre Pleasantville, NY
May 2011 - High School Student Art Show. - Jacob Burns Theatre Pleasantville, NY

May 2010- High School Student Art Show. - Jacob Burns Theatre Pleasantville, NY
May 2009 - High School Student Art Show. - Jacob Burns Theatre Pleasantville, NY

"Art does not exist on it's own. It's not a product, but a relationship. Something that is sustained through interaction. Interaction of the artist with his/her own experience of the world and how he/she translates that via medium of choice. And the interaction of the viewer. Art cannot exist without the artist. Just as it cannot exist without the viewer. " - Erica


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